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Taller Additivism 3D // DSN





where: Espacio Reflex
days: 25 & 26 May
timeline: 9h to 14h & 16h to 19h
price: 10€
inscription: HERE

1. MAY 2015


for: anyone who thinks we are free to build a transcomplex culture of postmakers and want to destroy netcapitalism.

what: 3 days of 3Dprinting-hacking-fighting-drone about the new . We will learn and print :

  1. Tools of industrial espionage
  2. Tools for self-defense against armed assault
  3. Tools to disguise
  4. Tools to aid/disrupt surveillance
  5. Tools to raze/rebuild
  6. Objects beneficial in the promotion of protest, and unrest
  7. Objects for sealing and detaining
  8. Torture devices
  9. Instruments of chastity, and psychological derangement
  10. Sex machines
  11. Temporary Autonomous Drones
  12. Lab equipment used in the production of:
    1. Drugs
    2. Dietary supplements
    3. DNA
    4. Photopolymers and thermoplastics
    5. Stem cells
    6. Nanoparticles
      1. The private parts of Gods and Saints
      2. Idols
      3. Altars
      4. Cuauhxicalli
      5. Ectoplasm
      6. Nantag stones
    1. The production of further mimetic forms, not limited to:
      1. Vorpal Blades
      2. Squirdles
      3. Energon
      4. Symmetriads
      5. Asymmetriads
      6. Capital
      7. Junk
      8. Love
      9. Alephs
      10. Those that from a long way off look like flies.


1.NewMedia-Hacking politics: documentary projection : The Net ( Unabomber)

talking about other uses of technology, traduce 3D additivism manifesto.
Fight with technology and Invent yourself!!
2.Learning software and controling 3d printers. PRINTwar.
3.Build a collaborative STREET STRATEGY to be activated on 30 May “zero urtea:WhatIf?”

**take your guns(pc) with u!


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