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Espacio REFLEX, located at Calle Egia 24 bis (basement) in San Sebastián, responds to the core strategies of the artistic association, Línea Curva. This space will be the hub for the majority of the activities developed by the platform.


DEFINITION : A space for projects

Espacio Reflex is a Project Room in San Sebastián. A testing tool to activate networks of local and European cultural players. It defines itself as a meeting point and social catalyst, producing independent artistic events in the Basque Country.


MISSION: To foster contemporary creation processes

3 Levels / Means of coexistence

  • Conceptual level: materialisation of theoretical actions and processes in the Basque Country.
  • Diffusion and production level: residencies, guest artists, curators and production of exhibitions.
  • Project laboratories level: transition hub to accompany experimental and transdisciplinary projects.



  1. Produce, promote and disseminate contemporary art projects.
  2. Prompt the local circulation of international projects.
  3. Encourage cross-border dialogue on cultural issues.
  4. Research artistic integration to social environments.
  5. Collaborate with the different cultural sector players.
  6. Develop new forms of art mediation.
  7. Lend visibility to experimental processes and projects.



  • Theoretically/practically enable an “Observatory of the Invisible”.
  • Theoretical research actions.
  • Organisation of cultural events.
  • Creation of a collaborative network of artists, associations and other cultural bodies.
  • Development of an artist-in-residence programme.
  • Actions of cooperation with cultural and artistic structures in the Basque Country and throughout Europe.



  • Organisation of workshops, professional gatherings and themed talks to generate overall reflection on the development of contemporary art in our region.
  • Local and European study of the different ways institutional and private cultural centres act.
  • Reflections on the question of mediation. Study of areas where communication fails between the artist, the manager and the spectator.
  • Activation of an Observatory of the Invisible to permit analysis of the situation of contemporary creation today.



  •  Creation of new audiovisual tools based on creative commons licenses.
  •  Democratization of new technologies at both development and knowledge levels through free platforms.
  •  Support to the development of experimental processes with residencies, talks and workshops.



Espacio Reflex originates from an artistic association founded in San Sebastián with the functions of an administrative body. The decisions, programming, contracting and materialisation of projects are decided by an executive body of players in the international sector complemented by collaborators and volunteers.