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The Nuevos Comanditarios programme gives groups of citizens the chance to seek responses to their concerns, ambitions or conflicts by carrying out artistic projects. The very same citizens are the partners in the projects.


More than 200 projects have been carried out in Europe through this programme over the past 20 years, mainly in France (the Fondation de France driving the programme), as well as in Italy, Germany and Belgium (further information at:


The Artehazia Association, Cultural Innovation, arts and society, has been driving Nuevos Comanditarios in the Basque Country since 2012. Two projects have been completed to date, in Bilbao and Hernani, with Haizea Barcenilla’s mediation; another two projects were just begun in October 2015 in Oion (Álava) with Idoia Zabaleta’s mediation, and in Barakaldo, with Amanda Diaz-Ubierna’s mediation (further information at


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