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Donostia-San Sebastian 26-27 and 28 November, 2015
Architecture has a decisive influence on the quality of life of people. Each one of its design options, material selection or adaptation to the end use of the project may either benefit or compromise the well-being of inhabitants or those for whom the construction is designed, confirming its purpose or denying it. For this reason, architecture is an expression of both values and shapes. However, architectural constructions are also cultural works.
The Arquitectura a conciencia workshops are proposed as an opportunity to reflect and debate on the ethical-aesthetic dimension of contemporary architecture.
Over the course of three days, at three different cultural space sin San Sebastian, issues addressed will include the participation of architects in public debate, construction responsibility, the ecology of/in materials, places of memory, the living conservation of heritage and the artistic dimension of architectural work.

Basque architect collectives will be participating in these open-to-the-public debates and presentations: Atari, Hiria, M-Etxea, Toki and Maushaus; German architect Anna Partenheimer and the architect from Donostia Pablo García Astrain.

Luisa Etxenike



Ciclo Reflex – 26 November

Round table
Producing Ideas / Building Concepts

The purpose of this presentation cycle is to show the theoretical/practical work of architectural collectives that have focused their attention on alternative issues to building in the Donostialdea territory.

Their scopes of action revolve around city planning, pedagogy, participatory workshops, aesthetics and building devices to develop the architectural concepts closest to citizens.

The importance of bringing this work, carried out in the 2000/2015 period, together and giving it a framework for representation lies in the fragility of these projects that fuse into the social setting and into collective memory. To this end, we will video record a session showing the presentations with a debate between collectives and the public. We want this to act as a reference file on these architectural works for future research, all while leaving a record of the intellectual effort made at the same time.



Ibon Salaberria


Hiria (new website under construction)



Moderator: Mario Domínguez. Architect and cultural heritage manager


Complete programme: HERE






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