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Ibon Mainar

Art is behind you


“GIFS, poster boards, Instagram videos, aluminium foil and gum carry out a task arising from the day-to-day universe.”



Bayonne, Frantzia 1978

Ibon Mainer feeds off of all the excess images permeating our everyday, recreating an entire personalised universe. With his multiple facets and different strategies, he confuses the nature of the world we live in, providing it with an exaggerated poetic charge. His détournement operating thus, he appropriates the collective imagination of mass consumption, bringing it to a purely artistic and formal territory.

This plastic artist, living in Donostia, works both with paper-format collage and participates in the public space with traffic signals. His gaze continuously reviews the notion of the work and the artist’s role and place in the world.

His productions are joyful and vitalist, with a touch of humour reserved for the most critical. He uses language in slogan and manifesto format, creating ambiguity between the advertising devices and artistic sensitivity. His work has a referential character similar to ready-made work, hearkening the world of expanded art, leaving the door open for urban art, graffiti and surf culture movements.

Juan Aizpitarte,

2014ko urtarrilak 27, asteartea



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