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ESPACIO EKILORE/ PEDAGOGICAL ORIENTATION AND ACTION. Scholastic support, counselling and mediation.

Workshop-Presentation. Exhibition of the project and dynamic of the parental classroom


Espacio Ekilore is opening the doors of education to ideas, reflection, enthusiasm and other narrations that may arise along this beautiful pathway. However, and especially, they are opening them to collaboration. The fruit of this is this workshop, a reality at Espacio Réflex in Egia, San Sebastian.

We will tell you about Ekilore’s pathway, how I decided to come here, what excites me, my ideas, my experiences… And how it all led here, to this place, taking its first steps.

Afterwards, there will be a small group dynamic that I have prepared to surprise and remind.

Usoa Martínez Larraburu



21 September, at 19h in Espacio Reflex



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