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Mastering Workshop
Taught by: Marcello Liberato

Marcello Liberato, born in 1974, began working with 4-track recorder in 1990. This was the starting point for his career in sound experimentation.
He has worked at different recording studies in Rome, and for a great while has been continuing his work with Formadonda Recording Facilities.
He collaborates with several different musical groups as live sound technician and for in-studio recording, with theatre and dance companies, on independent cinema projects and in-field recording. (Nidi d’Arac, Acustimántico, etc)
Over the past few years, he has focused his work on restoring audio files and mastering.
He lives and works in Rome.



“With this workshop, we will be looking at fundamental concepts and the tools we can use to master audio. Equalisation, dynamic control, stereo image, analogical-digital conversion, cleaning up sounds.
We will address sound by starting at a general theoretical standpoint and moving on to more practical use, with examples and listening.
We will also discuss metre instruments and sound analysis: Vu Meter, spectrum analyser, phase analysis.”



10-13 / 14:30-16:30
Dates: 12-13 October.

Programme: 10h

Day 1: Theoretical presentation, terminology, visual and auditory analysis of audio, both musical and spoken.
- Equalisation, dynamic control (compressors and limiters), sound level.
Day 2 – Theory and stereo image listening. Mod-side equalisation processors and dynamic.
- Phase analysis. Noise-reduction and dithering.”


Technical Needs:
It is advisable to bring a laptop computer with audio programmes installed.


Price: 40€

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