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Next Wednesday the 17th, at 20h, we will be presenting the Carrousel edition at ANTI Liburudenda
With Ibon Salaberria and Francisco Berreteaga as speakers

Don’t miss it!


Roundabouts, those roadway constructions which, although designed to reduce the danger caused by accidents and to make it easier to cross intersections, practically no driver—including myself—is able to use correctly.
(…)It is clear that the idea that roundabouts are an excellent place to install artworks, permanent galleries for contemporary sculpture, was neither created by our culture, nor is it exclusive to it, since examples are to be found worldwide. In the city of Bend, Oregon, the “Roundabout Art Route,” formed by 20 roundabouts as 20 attractions in a theme park, is advertised as a tourist attraction. In 2005, AmericansfortheArts deemed this route one of the most innovative public art spotlights in the country. In France, where the roundabout concept came to being, a study performed by Marc Lescuyer at the beginning of 2010 listed 3,328 roundabouts with artistic decoration. On the other hand, I still wonder if it is intelligent to place artwork at a site where, theoretically speaking, users should be in tune with their senses and avoid distractions.
(…)”Endika Basaguren and Francisco Berreteaga



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