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Iñaki Viquendi and Anne Marie Jeannou (tour curators)
The IBAR siblings, Maia and Baptiste (they will be presenting the wall painting they will make on the San Josep school wall)
ZIIIG (to play a Happy Music set at the end of the BERINAK/LesVitrines tour presentation)

The contemporary art tour BERINAK/LesVitrines questions current creation’s ability to be the result of an exchange, a meeting, a creative relationship that might affect the very process of making or showing work.
A woven link that evaluates itself between the audience and the interested parties, the artists and curators, partners, companies, schools…
Everyone all at the same time at Senpere. At the heart of a village, Basque heritage is binding with the strength of the evidence. Within this context, we are pleased to invite domestic and foreign artists to participate in an exchange with Basque society of today.



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