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Location: Kaxilda liburudenda
Hora: 11h
Participantes: Nagore Olarra / Juan Aizpitarte

Presentación Mediateka transfronteriza

Lugar: Espacio Reflex
Time: 19h
Participants: Esteban Zamora / Luisa Etxenike / Nagore Olarra / Juan Aizpitarte


Audio Presentacion Mediateka Transfronteriza (Luisa Etxenike-Esteban Zamora)


Within the framework of the project “Observatorio de lo Invisible (Observatory of the Invisible),” carried out by Espacio Reflex in 2014, we are pleased to introduce Mediateka Transfronteriza, a mobile production for all audiences to consult.

The purpose is to connect, create meetings and encourage exchanging visions within the structures that carry out cultural programmes in Iparralde and Hegoalde.

Mediateka stands out thanks to its mobility, moving to different spaces, since this is a library on wheels with chairs and lighting.

There are approximately 100 titles and 20 films addressing the exclusive topic of borders, opening up the debate on identity, territory, politics and gender, in addition to other issues.

The need to create a space for communication and debate in regards to this topic was what drove Espacio Reflex to create this knowledge resource, open to the public.

In the first stage, it will be introduced at Espacio Reflex in collaboration with Esteban Zamora and Luisa Etxenike, who will address the border concept based on philosophy, anthropology and literature disciplines.


Para solicitar la Mediateka, enviar una propuesta a:

Espacio Reflex
C/Egia 24, Sotano.
20012 Donostia-San Sebastian
Tlf: 0034 943047813


Vídeos ponencias presentación Mediateka transfronteriza

Ponencia Mediateka Luisa 1

Ponencia Mediateka Luisa 2

Ponencia Mediateka Luisa 3

Ponencia Mediateka Esteban 1

Ponencia Mediateka Esteban 2

Ponencia Mediateka Esteban 3

Ponencia Mediateka Esteban 4

Ponencia Mediateka Esteban 5

Ponencia Mediateka Esteban 6


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