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LOSING THE HEARING Workshop. Listening and cinema.

por Xabier Erkizia


This workshop aims to analyse audiovisual language from the auditive point of view, and to look at the different meanings deriving from the use of sound in cinema, video and animation. Based on the active listening concept, during the workshop there will be a showing and discussion of various examples of films where the use of sound demonstrates different ways to combine the visual and sonorous aspects. Different techniques and tools for working with sound for audiovisuals will also be introduced.

Workshop for anyone interested in audiovisual language and specifically in using sound in audiovisual works: musicians, composers, technicians, sound designers, etc.


Xabier Erkizia (Lesaka, 1975)

Sound artist, radiophonic creator, producer and journalist. His work focuses on research between different people, objects, sounds and formats, in different situations such as sound installations, recordings and music compositions, radiophonic works, sound tracks, group or collective improvisation projects. The last 15 years have seen him exhibit his work in several European, American and Asian countries.



September 29 and 30  from 11:30-14:30 and 16:00-19:00






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