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ARTEKLAB – Robotics workshop

Digital production for the development of video recording equipment

Hours and registration:
Saturday 7 June: 16:30-20:30
Sunday 8 June: 16:30-20:30

Registration open and free until 6 June, places limited.


Saturday 7

Introduction //16:30//

-Open electronics (arduino)
-Digital production (rep rap, laser cut, thingiverse)
-Video techniques (travelling, panner, steady, etc. brainstorming, time for proposals and projects)

Arduino //17:30//

-Basic circuits (led, button)
-Sensors (potentiometer, accelerometer, ldr, ultrasounds, xy play)
-Motor control (servo, stepper)

3D Printing (Cura, Slic3r, Pronterface) //18:30//

-Explanation of the machine, its origin and how it works
-General printing parameters (temperatures, speeds, layer height, materials, shell thickness, flow)
-Examples and exercises with the programs

Basic 3D design (Tinkercad)//19:30//

-Using a calliper
-Construction of our mental 3D
-Preparing pieces to print

Projects (panner, steady)//20:00//

-Mounting the panner / steady
-Development of proposed projects

Sunday 8

Projects (panner, steady)//All day//

-Mounting the panner / steady
-Development of proposed projects


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